Established 1982

Since 1982 AquaScribe has taken notes and kept records in all wet or dirty conditions.

This family run business with a love for the great outdoors and adventure has relocated from Newark to Cornwall in 2017 to be nearer to the water.  We hope you follow us down here and that we can continue to provide you with an excellent service and products that you need.  If there is anything we can help you with please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

For the first time in over a decade we have had to increase our prices and apologise to all of our long term customers but we had no choice to keep up with the cost of production.  We hope you can continue to support us as a small business.

AquaScribe products are used by all who work or play in the wet.
At work - Soldiers, farmers, fishermen, foresters, researchers, coaches, oil industry and emergency services. 
At play - Explorers, sportsmen, divers, forest schools, bird watchers, walkers, climbers and yachtsmen.

The right AquaScribe products for you:

AquaScribe, the original waterproof notebook that puts up with it all, strong, tearproof, and totally waterproof. Write even underwater using a pencil and always be able to read your notes. 

AquaLaser waterproof paper for laser printers and photocopiers. Print waterproof maps, instructions, booklets, your own outdoor record sheets, notices or plans.

Many shapes and sizes are available including AquaScribe products to suit your exact needs. AquaScribe has preserved vital notes, recorded the details or provided the information.

Complete design and print service available. We can make your own notebooks or print your own record sheets, manuals or plans. All AquaScribe products can be printed or over printed. Have your company logo printed on your chosen AquaScribe product, to use yourself or as a promotional item.

If you, your customers or friends work or play in wet or dirty conditions AquaScribe can help. 

In stock items are dispatched within 48 hours.

"Data worth collecting is data worth protecting"